Adisa (African): Male. "one who is clear"
Amadi (African): Male. "destined to die at birth"
Boitumelo (African): Female. "joy"
Dakarai (African): Female. "happiness"
Dayo (African): Female. "joy arrives"
Eshe (African): Female. "life"
Gwandoya (African): Male. "met with misery"
Ife (African): Female. "love"
Imamu (African): Male. "spiritual leader"
Imani (African): Female. "faith"
Jelani (African): Male. "mighty"
Kagiso (African): Female. "peace"
Kamaria (African): Female. "like the moon"
Kayode (African): Male. "he brought joy"
Kgosi (African): Male. "king, chief"
Lesedi (African): Female. "light"
Malaika (African): Female. "angel"
Marjani (African): Female. "coral"
Masego (African): Female. "blessings"
Nomusa (African): Female. "merciful"
Obi (African): Male. "heart"
Olumide (African): Male. "God arrives"
Olumjumi (African): Male. "given by God"
Paka (Kenyan): "pussycat"
Paki (African): Male. "witness"
Ramla (African): Female. "prophetess"
Sanura (Kenyan): "kitten"
Sauda (African): Female. "dark complexion"
Seble (Ethiopian): "autumn"
Sefu (African): Male. "sword"
Sethunya (African): Female. "bloom, flower"
Subira (African): Female. "patience"
Tau (African): Male. "lion"
Thabo (African): Male. "joy"
Urbi (African): Female. "princess"
Zuberi (African): Male. "strong"
Zuri (African): Female. "beautiful"