Cadeo (Vietnamese): "folk song"
Cai (Vietnamese): Female. "female"
Calaba: tree
Calandra (Greek): Female. "the lark"
Calden: tree
Calder (Anglo-Saxon): Male. "stream"
Callum (Celtic): Male. "messenger of peace"
Calum (Celtic): Unisex. "dove"
Cam (Vietnamese): "orangefruit, sweet"
Camden (Celtic): Male. "from the winding valley"
Camilla (Etruscan): Female. "servant of the temple"
Camma: plant
Candida (Latin): Female. "pure white"
Capra (Italian): Female. "goat"
Cara (Celtic): Female. "friend"
Carica: tree
Carmen (Latin): Female. "prophetess"
Carya: tree
Cash (Latin): Male. "vain"
Cassava: plant
Castor: plant
Catahecassa (Shawnee): Male. "black hoof"
Catalpa: tree
Cecil (Latin): Male. "blind"
Cedric (Celtic): Male. "war-chief"
Cedron: tree
Cera: tree
Cerelia (Latin): Female. "goddess of harvest"
Chalcedony: stone
Chamomile: plant
Chan (Cambodian): "sweet-smelling tree"
Chandrakant (Indian): Male. "beloved by the moon"
Chay (Celtic): Male. "faerie place" Other Spellings/Variations: Shay, Shea
Chen (Chinese): Male. "great, vast"
Cheney (Celtic): Male. "from the oak forest"
Chia: plant
Chiela (Esperanto): Female. "heavenly"; "from the sky"
Chika (Japanese): "near"
Chin (Korean): Male. "precious"
Chincona: tree
Chive: plant
Chrysanthium: plant
Chun (Chinese): Female. "spring"
Chyou (Chinese): "autumn"
Citali (Nahuatl): Unisex. "star"
Citrine: stone
Clive (Old English): Male. "cliff"
Clusia: tree
Cola: tree
Columbine (Latin): Female. "dove"
Comatula:astrologinal body
Comet:astrologinal body
Conrad (Teutonic): Male. "honest counsellor"
Copaiva: tree
Corbett (Latin): Male. "raven" Other Spellings/Variations: Corvin, Corbin
Cornelius (Latin): Male. "horn colored"
Correa: plant
Cotton: plant
Cowessess (Ojibwa): Male. "little child"
Cusso: tree
Craig (Celtic): Male. "rock"
Cress: plant
Cressida (Greek): Female. "gold"
Csilla (Hungarian): Female. "star"
Cullen (Celtic): Male. "handsome"
Cumin: plant
Curran (Celtic): Male. "hero"
Cycas: tree
Cydonia: plant
Cynthia (Greek): Female. "moon goddess"
Cyril (Greek): Male. "lordly"