**NOTE** With most of these names, if you switch the end -a to -o, will make the name masculine.

Adorina (Esperanto): Female. "adorable"
Amika (Esperanto): Female. "friendly"
Aminda (Esperanto): Female. "loveable"
Brava (Esperanto): Female. "valiant"; "brave"
Chiela (Esperanto): Female. "heavenly"; "from the sky"
Dezirinda (Esperanto): Female. "desirable"
Esperanta (Esperanto): Female. "hoping"
Fajra (Esperanto): Female. "fiery"
Gaja (Esperanto): Female. "glad"
Glorinda (Esperanto): Female. "worthy of glory"
Juvela (Esperanto): Female. "jewel-like"
Kandajha (Esperanto): Female. "made of candy"
Karesinda (Esperanto): Female. "worthy of a caress"
Katida (Esperanto): Female. "kittenish"
Luksa (Esperanto): Female. "luxurious"
Marajha (Esperanto): Female. "made of the sea"
Merita (Esperanto): Female. "meritorious"
Miela (Esperanto): Female. "honey-sweet"
Orabela (Esperanto): Female. "golden-beautiful"
Pachjo (Esperanto): Male. "papa"
Pipra (Esperanto): Female. "peppery"
Rava (Esperanto): Female. "ravishing"
Rozabela (Esperanto): Female. "beautiful rose"
Rubena (Esperanto): Female. "like a ruby"
Safira (Esperanto): Female. "like a sapphire"
Sprita (Esperanto): Female. "witty"
Stelara (Esperanto): Female. "like a constellation"
Tondra (Esperanto): Female. "like thunder"
Valora (Esperanto): Female. "valuable"
Venka (Esperanto): Female. "victorious"
Vespera (Esperanto): Female. "of the evening"