The Humble Beginnings...

This site originally started out as a side project for fanfic name ideas, then morphed into a page listing to help my Dark Angels in Night World: Circle Daybreak find member names. Eventually my compilation on names grew until it was too big for just one page, so it bloated into a site dedicated to help new members of NW:CD find a member name that's them.

The names herein have been accumulated over years by Deanna Kennedy of NW:CD, and is regularly updated, weeding out used names and adding new names to the brew. Deanna, being the busy little gal she is, will always accept name finding help from any chirpy members. All you have to do is email her.

Finally, all names are free to take by NW:CD members to use as their member names. It's hard finding a decent member name in an online club concisting of over 2000 members, that's why this site came about. Don't be afraid to make good use of it.