Ai (Japanese): "love"
Aiko (Japanese): Female. "child of love"
Akemi (Japanese): Female. "beautiful child"
Aki (Japanese): Male. "autumn"
Akira (Japanese): Male. "intelligent"
Asa (Japanese): "born at dawn"
Ayame (Japanese): Female. "iris"
Chika (Japanese): "near"
Dai (Japanese): "great"
Edama-mae (Japanese): "beans"
Emi (Japanese): Female. "blessed with beauty"
Etsu (Japanese): "delight"
Gin (Japanese): "silvery"
Hana (Japanese): Female. "flower, blossom"
Haru (Japanese): "born in spring"
Haya (Japanese): "quick, light"
Hideaki (Japanese): Male. "wise"
Hiroshi (Japanese): Male. "generous"
Hisa (Japanese): "long lasting"
Hoshi (Japanese): Female. "star"
Hoshiko (Japanese): "star"
Hotaka (Japanese): Male. "name of a mountain"
Jiro (Japanese): Male. "second son"
Kaede (Japanese): "maple leaf"
Kaiya (Japanese): "forgiveness"
Kameko (Japanese): Female. "tortoise child; symbol for long life"
Katsuo (Japanese): Male. "victorious child"
Kazuo (Japanese): Male. "first son"
Kei (Japanese): "rapture, reverence"
Kenji (Japanese): Male. "second son"
Kichi (Japanese): "fortunate"
Kimi (Japanese): Female. "she who is without an equal"
Kin (Japanese): Female. "golden"
Kioko (Japanese): "meets the world with happiness"
Kita (Japanese): Female. "north"
Kiyoshi (Japanese): Female. "bright, clear"
Kohana (Japanese): Female. "little flower"
Koto (Japanese): "harp"
Kumi (Japanese): "braid"
Kumiko (Japanese): Female. "braid"
Kyoko (Japanese): "mirror"
Leiko (Japanese): "arrogant"
Machi (Japanese): "ten thousand"
Maemi (Japanese): "honest child"
Mai (Vietnamese/Japanese): Female. "flower"/"brightness"
Mika (Japanese): "new moon"
Miki (Japanese): Female. "flower stalk"
Mina (Japanese): Female. "south"
Miyako (Japanese): Female. "beautiful March child"
Miyoko (Japanese): Female. "beautiful generations child"
Nami (Japanese): "wave"
Nori (Japanese): "doctrine"
Noriko (Japanese): Female. "doctrine child"
Onno (Japanese): "workman's meadow"
Rai (Japanese): "trust"
Raiden (Japanese): Male. "god of thunder"
Ran (Japanese): Female. "water lily" Other Spellings/Variations: Ren, Rena
Rei (Japanese): Female. "thanks, grace"
Sachi (Japanese): Female. "bliss child"
Sachiko (Japanese): Female. "child of bliss"
Sada (Japanese): Female. "the chaste"
Sakura (Japanese): Female. "cherry blossoms"
Shika (Japanese): "deer"
Shina (Japanese): Female. "virtue, good"
Shino (Japanese): "stem of bamboo"
Suki (Japanese): "beloved"
Sumi (Japanese): "clear, refined"
Sumiko (Japanese): Female. "charcoal"
Taka (Japanese): Male. "tall, honorable"
Takara (Japanese): "treasure, precious object"
Takeshi (Japanese): Male. "bamboo tree"
Tamika (Japanese): "people"
Tanaka (Japanese): Male. "dweller"
Tani (Japanese): Female. "valley"
Taro (Japanese): Male. "first born son"
Tori (Japanese): Female. "bird"
Ume (Japanese): Female. "plum blossom"
Yachi (Japanese): "eight thousand"
Yasu (Japanese): Female. "calm"
Yasuo (Japanese): Male. "calm"
Yoko (Japanese): Female. "positive one, female"
Yoshi (Japanese): Female. "better, best"
Yoshino (Japanese): "field of good prospects"
Yuki (Japanese): "snow, lucky"
Yukio (Japanese): Male. "gets what he wants"
Yumi (Japanese): Female. "beautiful bow"
Yuri (Japanese): Female. "lily"