Adrian (Latin): Male. "seacoast"
Alban (Latin): Male. "pure heart"
Amy (Latin): Female. "beloved"
Andreana (Latin): Female. "womanly"
Ardan (Latin): Male. "fiery" Other Spellings/Variations: Arden
Astrum (Latin): "star"
Belinda (Latin): Female. "beautiful serpent"
Benedict (Latin): Male. "blessed"
Candida (Latin): Female. "pure white"
Cash (Latin): Male. "vain"
Cecil (Latin): Male. "blind"
Carmen (Latin): Female. "prophetess"
Cerelia (Latin): Female. "goddess of harvest"
Columbine (Latin): Female. "dove"
Corbett (Latin): Male. "raven" Other Spellings/Variations: Corvin, Corbin
Cornelius (Latin): Male. "horn colored"
Dexter (Latin): Male. "dexterous"
Emile (Latin): Male. "work"
Emlyn (Latin): Male. "charming"
Evelyn (Latin): Unisex. "hazelnut"
Fawna (Latin): Female. "young deer"
Felicity (Latin): Female. "happiness"
Felix (Latin): Male. "prosperous"
Gemma (Latin): Female. "jewel"
Griffin (Latin): Male. "mythical beast"
Ignatius (Latin): Male. "fiery"
Jarl (Latin): Male. "man of control" Other Spellings/Variations: Jarlen
Lelia (Latin): Female. "lily"
Lena (Latin): Female. "temptress"
Leola (Latin): Female. "lion"
Lilian (Latin): Female. "lily"
Lionel (Latin): Male. "little lion"
Lorelle (Latin): Female. "little"
Lucina (Latin): Female. "goddess of childbirth"
Lucretia (Latin): Female. "riches"
Lumen (Latin): "star"
Maris (Latin): Female. "of the sea" Other Spellings/Variations: Meris
Melena (Latin): Female. "canary yellow colored"
Merle (Latin): Unisex. "blackbird"
Miranda (Latin): Female. "admirable"
Monica (Latin): Female. "counselor"
Nigel (Latin): Male. "black"
Nydia (Latin): Female. "from the nest"
Octavia (Latin): Female. "eight"
Primitiva (Latin): Female. "first formed"
Prisca (Latin): Female. "ancient"
Priscilla (Latin): Female. "ancient"
Remus (Latin): Male. "mythical founder of Rome"
Riana (Latin): Female. "golden"
Risa (Latin): Female. "laughter"
Romulus (Latin): Male. "mythical founder of Rome"
Sabina (Latin): Female. "Sabine woman"
Sabrina (Latin): Female. "from the boundary line"
Season (Latin): Female. "sowing/planting"
Selvanus (Latin): Male. "the forest god"
Severina (Latin): Female. "stern; severe"
Sybil (Latin): Female. "prophtess"
Tacita (Latin): Female. "silent; mute"
Torin (Latin): Male. "tender"
Valene (Latin): Female. "strong" Other Spellings/Variations: Valora
Varina (Latin): Female. "versatile"
Vassily (Latin): Male. "magnificent"
Vesta (Latin): Female. "goddess of the hearth"
Viola (Latin): Female. "modest grace"
Vivian (Latin): Unisex. "lively; alive"