Magical/Deity Names

Alban (Latin): Male. "pure heart"
Aleris (Greek): Female. "ancient name"
Alfred (Teutonic): Male. "elf councellor"
Althea (Greek): Female. "healing"
Amarantha (Greek): Female. "immortal"
Amma (Indian): Female. "mother goddess"
Amritha (Indian): Male. "god"
An (Chinese): Female. "peace"
Anahid (Armenian): Female. "goddess of the moon"
Angus (Celtic): Male. "from the love god"
Anila (Indian): Male. "wine god"
Aretha (Greek): Female. "nymph"
Axel (Teutonic): Male. "father of peace"
Banba (Celtic): Female. "Irish goddess"
Bae (Korean): "inspiration"
Benedict (Latin): Male. "blessed"
Bua (Korean): Female. "amulet"
Callum (Celtic): Male. "messenger of peace"
Camilla (Etruscan): Female. "servant of the temple"
Carmen (Latin): Female. "prophetess"
Cerelia (Latin): Female. "goddess of harvest"
Chay (Celtic): Male. "faerie place" Other Spellings/Variations: Shay, Shea
Chen (Chinese): Male. "great, vast"
Chiela (Esperanto): Female. "heavenly"; "from the sky"
Cynthia (Greek): Female. "moon goddess"
Dae (Korean): "greatness"
Dagda (Celtic): Male. "the good god"
Dai (Japanese): "great"
Dallan (Celtic): Male. "wise" Other Spellings/Variations: Dallas
Dane (Celtic): Male. "after the goddess Danu"
Delia (Greek): Female. "goddess of harvest"
Demetra (Greek): Female. "goddess of harvest"
Denis (French): Male. "god of wine"
Devi (Indian): Female. "goddess"
Devika (Indian): Female. "little goddess"
Diancecht (Celtic): Male. "Irish god"
Dillon (Celtic): Male. "faithful"
Dio (Italian): Male. "god"
Divya (Indian): Female. "divine"
Druce (Celtic): Male. "wiseman"
Ella (Teutonic): Female. "elf friend"
Ellama (Indian): Female. "mother goddess"
Enid (Celtic): Female. "the spirit/soul"
Ganesha (Indian): Male. "god of good luck and wisdom"
Grainne (Celtic): Female. "grain goddess"
Guri (Indian): Female. "goddess of abundance"
Gustave (French): Male. "staff of gods"
Haltijatar (Finnish): "faerie"
Hea (Korean): Female. "grace" Other Spellings/Variations: Hei
Hertha (Teutonic): Female. "mother earth"
Hideaki (Japanese): Male. "wise"
Imamu (African): Male. "spiritual leader"
Imani (African): Female. "faith"
Indra (Indian): Male. "god of power"
Irene (Greek): Female. "goddess of peace"
Ixchel (Mayan): Female. "rainbow lady"; Mayan goddess of Earth, moon and medicine
Jaidev (Indian): Male. "victory of god"
Jumalatar (Finnish): Female. "goddess"
Kei (Japanese): "rapture, reverence"
Lilavati (Indian): Female. "free will of god"
Lono (Hawaiian): Male. "god of peace and farming"
Lucina (Latin): Female. "goddess of childbirth"
Maagmen (Finnish): "magic"
Magico (Italian): Male. "magic"
Maha (Hawaiian): "supernatural power"
Malaika (African): Female. "angel"
Maliardo (Italian): Male. "sorcerer"
Manda (Indian): Male. "god of the occult"
Masego (African): Female. "blessings"
Matra (Indian): Male. "god of daylight"
Mistica (Italian): Female. "mystic"
Mita (Italian): Female. "myth"
Mohan (Indian): Male. "bewitching"
Mohani (Indian): Female. "to bewitch"
Moituus (Finnish): "witchcraft, magic"
Noita (Finnish): "witch"
Olumide (African): Male. "God arrives"
Olumjumi (African): Male. "given by God"
Pagano (Italian): Male. "pagan"
Panthea (Greek): Female. "of all the gods"
Pheobe (Greek): Female. "moon goddess"
Primitiva (Latin): Female. "first formed"
Prisca (Latin): Female. "ancient"
Priscilla (Latin): Female. "ancient"
Quetzalcoatl (Nahuatl): Male. "feathered snake"; Aztec sky god and creator of man
Raiden (Japanese): Male. "god of thunder"
Ramla (African): Female. "prophetess"
Rei (Japanese): Female. "thanks, grace"
Remus (Latin): Male. "mythical founder of Rome"
Rhea (Greek): Female. "daughter of heaven and earth"
Rhiamon (Teutonic): Female. "mythological witch"
Romulus (Latin): Male. "mythical founder of Rome"
Sachiko (Japanese): Female. "child of bliss"
Satu (Finnish): "faerie tale"
Selvanus (Latin): Male. "the forest god"
Sesha (Indian): "symbol of time"
Shen (Chinese): "spirtual, deep thinking"
Shin (Korean): Male. "faith, trust"
Shina (Japanese): Female. "virtue, good"
Stregone (Italian): Male. "witch"
Stregonaria (Italian): Female. "witchcraft"
Sybil (Latin): Female. "prophtess"
Syntyche (Greek): Female. "common fate"
Theola (Greek): Female. "divine"
Velda (Teutonic: Female. "of great wisdom"
Vera (Slavonic): Female. "faith"
Vesta (Latin): Female. "goddess of the hearth"
Viola (Latin): Female. "modest grace"
Xochipilli (Nahuatl): Male. "flower prince"; Aztec god of love, flowers, song and games
Xochiquetzal (Nahuatl): Female. "flower feather"; Aztec goddess of love, flowers and earth
Zaramama (Quecha): Female. "grain mother"; Incan goddess of grain