Miscellanious Names

Adisa (African): Male. "one who is clear"
Adonis (Greek): Male. "beautiful youth"
Adorina (Esperanto): Female. "adorable"
Aeneas (Greek): Male. "praiseworthy"
Agatha (Greek): Female. "good"
Ai (Japanese): "love"
Aiko (Japanese): Female. "child of love"
Ailsa (Teutonic): Female. "of good cheer" Other Spellings/Variations: Alyssa
Akemi (Japanese): Female. "beautiful child"
Akira (Japanese): Male. "intelligent"
Alda (Teutonic): Female. "rich"
Aldrich (Teutonic): Male. "wise ruler"
Amadi (African): Male. "destined to die at birth"
Amarante (Greek): Female. "unfading"
Amika (Esperanto): Female. "friendly"
Aminda (Esperanto): Female. "loveable"
Amira (Arabic): Female. "commander"
Amos (Hebrew): Male. "burden"
Amy (Latin): Female. "beloved"
Anastacia (Greek): Female. "one who will rise again"
Andreana (Latin): Female. "womanly"
Anoush (Armenian): Female. "sweet"
Aristomache (Greek): Female. "the best battle"
Aristotle (Greek): Male. "the best"
Astemus (Greek): Male. "safe and sound"
Avedis (Armenian): Male. "good news"
Awehai (Cherokee): "home"
Bay (Vietnamese): Male. "born in July; the seventh son"
Berjouhi (Armenian): Female. "elegant lady"
Bian (Vietnamese): "secretive, hidden"
Blenda (Teutonic): Female. "dazzling"
Bo (Chinese): Female. "precious"
Boitumelo (African): Female. "joy"
Bojana (Slovene): Female. "battle"
Brava (Esperanto): Female. "valiant"; "brave"
Cadeo (Vietnamese): "folk song"
Cai (Vietnamese): Female. "female"
Candida (Latin): Female. "pure white"
Cara (Celtic): Female. "friend"
Cash (Latin): Male. "vain"
Cecil (Latin): Male. "blind"
Cedric (Celtic): Male. "war-chief"
Chika (Japanese): "near"
Chin (Korean): Male. "precious"
Conrad (Teutonic): Male. "honest counsellor"
Cornelius (Latin): Male. "horn colored"
Cowessess (Ojibwa): Male. "little child"
Cressida (Greek): Female. "gold"
Cullen (Celtic): Male. "handsome"
Curran (Celtic): Male. "hero"
Cyril (Greek): Male. "lordly"
Dakarai (African): Female. "happiness"
Damayanti (Indian): Female. "subduing"
Darcy (Celtic): Female. "dark one"
Darius (Greek): Male. "wealthy"
Daron (Celtic): Male. "great little one"
Darren (Celtic): Male. "great"
Dayo (African): Female. "joy arrives"
Dexter (Latin): Male. "dexterous"
Dezirinda (Esperanto): Female. "desirable"
Duana (Celtic): Female. "song"
Emel (Iranian/Persian): Female. "desire"
Emi (Japanese): Female. "blessed with beauty"
Emile (Latin): Male. "work"
Emlyn (Latin): Male. "charming"
Enoch (Hebrew): Male. "dedicated"
Esme (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "gracious protector"
Esperanta (Esperanto): Female. "hoping"
Etsu (Japanese): "delight"
Evan (Celtic): Male. "young warrior" Other Spellings/Variations: Ewan, Ewen
Fabian (Greek): Male. "beau farmer"
Farica (Teutonic): Female. "peaceful ruler"
Farra (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "beautiful; pleasant" Other Spellings/Variations: Farrah
Fathiyya (Arabic): Female. "conqueror"
Fatin (Arabic): Female. "charming, seductive"
Felicity (Latin): Female. "happiness"
Felix (Latin): Male. "prosperous"
Fenella (Celtic): Female. "fair"
Finn (Celtic): Male. "fair"
Fleta (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "swift"
Gaja (Esperanto): Female. "glad"
Gareth (Celtic): Male. "gentle"
Genna (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "white; fair"
Gita (Indian): Female. "song"
Glorinda (Esperanto): Female. "worthy of glory"
Goran (Greek): Male. "farmer"
Goyathlay (Apache): Male. "one who yawns"
Grania (Celtic): Female. "love"
Gwandoya (African): Male. "met with misery"
Gwenora (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "fair"
Haya (Japanese): "quick, light"
Hector (Greek): Male. "defender"
Hiroshi (Japanese): Male. "generous"
Hisa (Japanese): "long lasting"
Hung (Vietnamese): Male. "brave, heroic"
Ida (Teutonic): Female. "happy"
Ife (African): Female. "love"
Ildiko (Hungarian): Female. "battle"
Ilsa (Teutonic): Female. "gaiety"
Indira (Indian): Female. "beauty"
Isaac (Hebrew): Male. "laughter"
Isha (Indian): Unisex. "protector"
Ivo (Teutonic): Male. "archer" Other Spellings/Variations: Ivor
Janel (Celtic): Female. "darling" Other Spellings/Variations: Jannell
Jarl (Latin): Male. "man of control" Other Spellings/Variations: Jarlen
Jelani (African): Male. "mighty"
Jirair (Armenian): Male. "strong, active"
Jiro (Japanese): Male. "second son"
Jun (Chinese): "truth"
Jung (Korean): "righteous"
Kagiso (African): Female. "peace"
Kaiya (Japanese): "forgiveness"
Kallistrate (Greek): Female. "beautiful army"
Kalpana (Indian): Female. "imagining, fantasy"
Kandajha (Esperanto): Female. "made of candy"
Kane (Celtic): Male. "bright" Other Spellings/Variations: Kayne
Kanta (Indian): Female. "beautiful, desired"
Kanti (Indian): Female. "beauty"
Karesinda (Esperanto): Female. "worthy of a caress"
Katsuo (Japanese): Male. "victorious child"
Kawacatoose (Cree): Male. "poor man"; "lean man"
Kayode (African): Male. "he brought joy"
Kazuo (Japanese): Male. "first son"
Kele (Celtic): Male. "warrior" Other Spellings/Variations: Kellen
Kendra (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "knowing woman"
Kenji (Japanese): Male. "second son"
Kgosi (African): Male. "king, chief"
Khajag (Armenian): Male. "blue eyed"
Kichi (Japanese): "fortunate"
Kimi (Japanese): Female. "she who is without an equal"
Kioko (Japanese): "meets the world with happiness"
Kisecawchuck (Shawnee): Male. "he makes noise"
Koto (Japanese): "harp"
Kumi (Japanese): "braid"
Kumiko (Japanese): Female. "braid"
Kyung-soon (Korean): Female. "honored gentleness"
Lakshimi (Indian): Female. "sign, mark"
Lalita (Indian): Female. "playful, charming"
Leiko (Japanese): "arrogant"
Lena (Latin): Female. "temptress"
Levi (Hebrew): Male. "joining"
Li (Chinese): Male. "strength"
Ling (Chinese): Female. "delicate"
Lorelle (Latin): Female. "little"
Lucretia (Latin): Female. "riches"
Luksa (Esperanto): Female. "luxurious"
Lysistrata (Greek): Female. "loosening the army"
Mabel (Celtic): Female. "mirth"
Mabon (Anglo-Saxon): Male. "son"
Machi (Japanese): "ten thousand"
Maemi (Japanese): "honest child"
Maida (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "a maiden" Other Spellings/Variations: Mayda
Manjula (Indian): Female. "sweet"
Merita (Esperanto): Female. "meritorious"
Mi-Cha (Korean): Female. "beautiful girl"
Miela (Esperanto): Female. "honey-sweet"
Min (Korean): "cleverness"
Minetta (Teutonic): Female. "loving memory" Other Spellings/Variations: Minna
Miranda (Latin): Female. "admirable"
Miyako (Japanese): Female. "beautiful March child"
Miyoko (Japanese): Female. "beautiful generations child"
Moira (Celtic): Female. "soft"
Mona (Greek): Female. "solitary"
Monica (Latin): Female. "counselor"
Morag (Celtic): Female. "great"
Nadine (Slavonic): Female. "hope"
Nayeli (Zapotec): Female. "I love you"
Nigel (Latin): Male. "black"
Noah (Hebrew): Male. "rest"
Nola (Celtic): Female. "noble"
Nomusa (African): Female. "merciful"
Nora (Celtic): Female. "honor"
Nori (Japanese): "doctrine"
Noriko (Japanese): Female. "doctrine child"
Obi (African): Male. "heart"
Octavia (Latin): Female. "eight"
Orion (Greek): Male. "Hunter"
Pachjo (Esperanto): Male. "papa"
Paki (African): Male. "witness"
Penelope (Greek): Female. "weaver"
Piroska (Hungarian): Female. "ancient"
Pocahontas (Algonquin): Female. "she is playful"
Prem (Indian): Male. "love"
Priya (Indian): Female. "beloved"
Quanah (Comanche): Male. "fragrant"
Quinlan (Celtic): Male. "very strong"
Rai (Japanese): "trust"
Raina (Teutonic): Female. "mighty"
Rava (Esperanto): Female. "ravishing"
Riana (Latin): Female. "golden"
Riona (Celtic): Female. "queenly"
Risa (Latin): Female. "laughter"
Roland (Teutonic): Male. "fame of the land"
Rowena (English): Female. "famous friend"
Ruth (Hebrew): Female. "beauty"
Sabia (Celtic): Female. "goodness"
Sabina (Latin): Female. "Sabine woman"
Sabrina (Latin): Female. "from the boundary line"
Sachi (Japanese): Female. "bliss child"
Sada (Japanese): Female. "the chaste"
Saraid (Celtic): Female. "excellent"
Sauda (African): Female. "dark complexion"
Sebastian (Greek): Male. "majestic"
Sefu (African): Male. "sword"
Seung (Korean): "successor, winning"
Severina (Latin): Female. "stern; severe"
Sheridan (Celtic): Male. "wild man"
Shing (Chinese): "victory"
Skelly (Celtic): Male. "storyteller"
Soo (Korean): Male. "excellence, long life"
Sostrate (Greek): Female. "safe army"
Sprita (Esperanto): Female. "witty"
Suki (Japanese): "beloved"
Sumi (Japanese): "clear, refined"
Tacita (Latin): Female. "silent; mute"
Tai (Vietnamese): "talent"
Taka (Japanese): Male. "tall, honorable"
Takara (Japanese): "treasure, precious object"
Takouhi (Armenian): Female. "queen"
Tam (Vietnamese): "heart"
Tamika (Japanese): "people"
Tanaka (Japanese): Male. "dweller"
Tara (Celtic): Female. "tower"
Taro (Japanese): Male. "first born son"
Tenskwatawa (Shawnee): Male. "open door"
Terza (Greek): Female. "the harvester"
Thabo (African): Male. "joy"
Thayer (Teutonic): Male. "of the nation's army"
Torin (Latin): Male. "tender"
Tristram (Celtic): Male. "sad face"
Urbi (African): Female. "princess"
Vaclava (Czech/Slovak): Female. "wealth"
Vahan (Armenian): Male. "shield"
Valene (Latin): Female. "strong" Other Spellings/Variations: Valora
Valora (Esperanto): Female. "valuable"
Venka (Esperanto): Female. "victorious"
Varina (Latin): Female. "versatile"
Varya (Russian): Female. "stranger"
Vassily (Latin): Male. "magnificent"
Vevina (Celtic): Female. "Gaelic sweet lady"
Vivian (Latin): Unisex. "lively; alive"
Vladimira (Czech/Slovak): Female. "rule with greatness"
Vladislava (Czech/Slovak): Female. "rule with glory"
Wickaninnish (Nootka): Male. "having no one in front of him in the canoe"
Willa (English): Female. "the desired"
Winona (Dakota): Female. "first born"
Xanthus (Greek): Male. "golden-haired"
Xun (Chinese): Male. "fan"
Yachi (Japanese): "eight thousand"
Yasu (Japanese): Female. "calm"
Yasuo (Japanese): Male. "calm"
Yates (Welsh): Male. "dweller at the gates"
Yetta (Anglo-Saxon): Female. "to give"
Yoko (Japanese): Female. "positive one, female"
Yoshi (Japanese): Female. "better, best"
Young (Korean): Male. "forever, prosperity"
Yukio (Japanese): Male. "gets what he wants"
Yumi (Japanese): Female. "beautiful bow"
Zan (Chinese): Female. "support, praise"
Zosime (Greek): Female. "viable; likely to survive"
Zuberi (African): Male. "strong"
Zuri (African): Female. "beautiful"